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This is my 2nd time applying to U of T. I was accepted at: Club Med School and U of T rejected by: Hollywood Upstairs Medical College and waitlisted by: Fairyland Medical School I got rejected from Newcastle. Deepest apologies for the stereotype, but I'm too weak to resist. If it’s what you actually want, you have more than a fighting shot! I’m also wondering if you applied to too many schools outside of your score range. unless you really need to move on (money, etc) i'd say you got a pretty good chance on the second try, especially if you've done stuff in between. Spent the past month pretty much bawling my eyes out every single day wondering how the fuck I managed to fuck up so bad for the second year in a row. No reason to give up! It's the worst. Applied and was flat out rejected twice, and strung along by a few schools by 'wait list' status that never amounted to anything. Did a lot of research before the interview, practiced many times, had a good interview with a lot of laughs (one of the interviewers actually said I'm a "tremendous applicant") - sorry if that sounds snobby. i didn't have any internships outside medicine. (Give me the real scoop, I'm not an interviewer :P ). I will talk through a couple of the most common causes for not receiving interview invites. I wish the best of luck to all you pre-meds out there. But your stats are definitely sufficient, “I don't feel that bad about rejection from med school itself. Dear friends went to medical school 's oldest ever first-year student trad in my mid 20s gave! I just got into my state school, rejected from the top 40, and waiting to hear from the top 15. I'm over 35 applying this cycle for the first time, but I'll be applying again next year if I don't get in. Each of these situations is covered separately below. Some information about me is that I was a double major in college so now I have a music degree and biology degree. Most of us just want to get in and apply broadly. If your numbers are awesome, and you come from a top undergrad, you will get a spot UNLESS you SERIOUSLY screw up during the interview day. Applied and was flat out rejected twice, and strung along by a few schools by 'wait list' status that never amounted to anything. I hope I can tell a story like yours soon. Thanks for the story and good advice! Additionally, not only can being rejected from medical school make you a tougher, more determined student when you finally do get in, but your decision to reapply despite initial rejection can stand out to admissions committees as proof of your resilience. Press J to jump to the feed. anyhow, schools do the tuft syndrome thing, so you are either rejected because 1. you aren't good enough for the school 2. you are not the good fit for the school (your stats is what the school looks for but they pick someone with equal stats but more likeable ECs that they want to … Some information about me is that I was a double major in college so now I have a music degree and biology degree. When I sat down and presented the applicants I interviewed to the admission committee, I saw a lot of "inner workings there." In Chokal-Ingam's view, the fact that he got into St. Louis and received interviews at other schools is proof that he got into med school because of his purported race. So from the bottom of my heart: THANKYOU - I really do hope you get in ;). Are you sure you had a good personal statement and secondaries? , … I hate to break it to some of the applicants out there...but AT SOME LEVEL, it's a crapshoot. It’s that time of year, when crossed fingers seem futile, hopes get dashed and medical school dreams seem hazy, if not a mere mirage. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. And, contrary to Reddit and some message boards, graduates from upper-tier Caribbean medical schools have gone on to become successful physicians in the United States. You applied to only competitive programs Many of us would think why would anyone only apply to competitive programs and not apply to a bunch of safety programs? I know that is a low GPA but there is nothing I can do about it. Cookies help us deliver our Services. So what do you do if instead of opening an acceptance letter, you find out you’ve been waitlisted or rejected from medical school this cycle? I had been rejected from every med school that I applied to and had no backup plan. AMCAS GPA MCAT stats show a 3.7 GPA and MCAT score of 511 will likely result in med school admission. Why do you want to be a doctor? We ran this questionnaire last year, and Id like to keep it going on an annual basis so we can generate some profiles of applicants who have been accepted, rejected, or placed on a waitlist for each school. Don’t give up. You just say “medical school” which is kind of vague. MD might be hard but I’m almost certain those stats would get you a DO acceptance. If you’re like me, you may be bewildered, stuck and unsure. After a rejection, or really any obstacle you face … All it takes is for you to leave ONE bad impression or GOOD impression and it could mean bumping you up/down a tier...which often means getting an offer vs a waitlist. Although, now Im studying for M2 finals and have boards looming, so the struggle doesn't end, the boss-levels just get harder. While searching for various programs to apply, I came across a program, called the Georgetown Experimental Medical Program (GEMS), which prepares students from disadvantaged backgrounds for medical school. Just wanted to make this post saying I got rejected from the med schools I applied for (got waitlisted on one but eventually rejected). I want to go into music but my parents are not supportive of that. By Jessica Freedman, M.D. There are two circumstances that students find themselves in when it comes to medical school "rejections": lack of acceptance at the school of their choice, and; lack of acceptance at all schools to which they have applied. Apply to some DOs. Take a look at these tips and get back on your horse. I guess I'm just here to say I've given up. Most people don't apply to nearly enough school. I don't even care that you have an appropriate username. I know how you feel - I've just been rejected by all my med school choices for the second year running, too. Same, dude. After applying and interviewing at multiple medical schools, the wait to hear back from the programs of your choice can feel like an eternity—and when you do hear back, it may not be the news you were expecting. Congratulations! For starters, 3.51 is a respectable GPA. Having a DO and being a practicing physician is a much better outlook than giving up and looking for jobs with degrees in music and biology. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Allow yourself to recover. Because medicine is something I enjoy AND something I'm good at, and I can't say that about many things. You would not believe the stupidity of some applicants and the sort of behavior/questions they think are appropriate. Take it from an English/Bio guy—there aren’t any good jobs outside of medicine for me. Your stats are competitive at a good number of schools and you would drown in DO interviews. Agree. I didn't apply to any DO schools, but I should probably use that option. The applicants I felt were good genuine people who didn't have a perfect record on paper, I pushed for them in front of the admission committee. For everyone else, you were either in one of the other 4 tiers. I foolishly only applied to a few medical schools in texas hoping that my non-GPA aspects of my app would be enough, and they all rejected me. What medical school GPA and MCAT scores are golden? Although medical schools value individual applicants’ personal qualities, the reality is the most important thing when applying is your academic record. I knew school would be tough, but I didn’t think I’d be miserable everyday. Seriously, though, listen to the fucking cookie. I have about 600 clinical volunteer hours and I have shadowed various doctors as well. outside of medicine? “Take some time to heal,” suggests Dr. Kimberly Brown, Emergency Medicine Resident Physician at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center. I think my rec letters were pretty good, but doesn't everyone get good letters of rec anyway? You’ve come so far and have stats that some premeds would kill for. Doesn’t seem like you want to go to med school that bad based on your post. Five reasons why you should n't quit law school: 1 really culinary! And I won't. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire, they … All it takes is ONE PERSON ON THE ADMISSION COMMITTEE PUSHING FOR YOU, and you will get admitted. If a senior member of the committee felt the same way and repeated the same impression, the guy/girl was instantly placed into the maybe, very unlikely, or NO pile INSTANTLY. Hi all, Heres a quick questionnaire regarding the admissions process at UBC. Applied a third time, called the Admissions guy every other week, and got in! The part I feel awful about is that my two best friends in college got into med school”, It’s hard to tell what you mean by this but think long and hard about the real reasons you want to pursue medicine. I'm not retaking the mcat because that's the best score I achieved and I tried my hardest for that score. I'd load up on some non clinical volunteering and maybe apply to more mid and low tier schools. you're absolutely right. I learned what the Uni’s were looking for and I made sure I showcased those traits through my own accomplishments and experiences (see below for more details on interview preparation). Think hard about if you really want to be a doctor; feeling worse cuz your friends got in than you do about not getting in yourself doesn’t indicate a strong personal motivation. Keep fighting. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Just rejected from a school (DO) post-interview. Rejected from medical school Just wanted to make this post saying I got rejected from the med schools I applied for (got waitlisted on one but eventually rejected). How to proceed after being rejected from medical school 1. MCAT scores by school vary, but US medical school application statistics are pretty clear. Most either got an offer or waitlist. What were they? A combination of subpar grades and/or MCAT score and poor choice of schools. What programs were you targeting? Rejection by the school of … M thinking of quitting mention all classes are online ) I probably have a quitting medical school reddit I! You’re probably feeling disappointed if you didn’t receive an acceptance letter — that’s okay. Also, where did you apply? Accurately Assess Your Medical School Application. This is coming from someone who interviewed applicants at my medical school. Many application are rejected from medical school because of their grades. Basically, the same options you had before you were rejected: - Med school: you can apply again after retaking a class or doing research, increasing the number of schools you apply to, etc. I don't feel that bad about rejection from med school itself. That's the real scoop, and what I tell interviewers. If you only applied to select programs becaus… Same, dude. The average GPAs i've seen were around 3.7 which is why I think a 3.5 isn't so respectable. How come our first two posts were removed? I would never give up on my dreams. I was gutted. He applied to more than 20 schools and was rejected by all but one, St. Louis University School of Medicine. Any other internships etc. ... Know what the medical school wants Unfortunately this … Because my father was a pediatrician and the noblest person I've ever known. 4 Common Mistakes That Lead to Medical School Rejections Fewer than half of all applicants to allopathic programs in 2014 ended up enrolling. Applied a third time, called … How many schools did you apply to? We need doctors, and doctor redditors are superior to straight-up doctors. Fear is something to be thankful for. Unless it was a scientific paper, wikipedia or reddit. Take a break, enjoy yourself, regroup, and then, when you're feeling better, revisit the idea homie. Turns out they made the right choice, since I matured a LOT in those two years after college. One from a top 15 school, another from a top 40, and one from my state school, which is pretty damn good. Much respect for physicians who made it through but I don ’ think. Most applicants I interviewed, I really didn't feel strongly about either way. You’re competitive with your stats. Give it some time. I gave up on medical school for 2 years, working as a billing specialist and eventually team lead for a physician practice management company. Advice taken. And I still know that this is what I want to do. Honestly, these last two years have given me a waaaay better picture of what I'm getting myself into. Good luck, Wait are you saying you applied this cycle and every school has already screened you out? It is very important to take some time to reflect and dissect through why you did not receive any interview invites this season. There are so many qualified applicants that all look good on paper. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The part I feel awful about is that my two best friends in college got into med school (they got into the one I got waitlisted on). Turns out they made the right choice, since I matured a LOT in those two years after college. I got a 509 on the mcat and a 3.51 GPA. The ones who were great on paper but I thought was a total douchebag (did not describe in that way obviously...) I let the the committee know. When you get a med school rejection, it’s a stinging rebuke after all your years of preparation and hard work. Failure is NOT in the falling down, it is in the failure to get up and try again! You have a decent gpa and mcat. I know it sucks now (I can't imagine how bad it must be) but please do not give up on your dreams just yet. I've been doing the same thing - got a research job, volunteering as an EMT, studying to retake the MCAT. Resilience, regardless of the circumstances, is an admirable trait to possess. am i an asshole if i am thinking, i don't want a doctor that got rejected from med school twice? They started med school last month and here I am trying to figure out what to do now. No offense—but it doesn’t seem like you’re very educated about the application process. What's a good GPA/MCAT combo that will ensure acceptance into med school? Reddit's home for wholesome discussion related to pre-medical studies. Tuition $6000 Tuition $6000 Letting a fortune cookie rule your life.... priceless Tuition $6000. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. And a recruiter for the USPHS lied to me about being qualified for a job and I was rejected immediately from it. How were your Letters of Rec? However, this is not the case for everyone. The main difference between these and U.S. medical schools are that not all Caribbean medical schools … Because I have Crohn's disease and know more about being a patient than most people. I was accepted and completed this program followed by matriculation into Georgetown University School of Medicine in 2009. In all seriousness, listen to the original cookie and keep trying. The truth is, everyone is "tiered" BEFORE the interview days. Agree with above that you should be able to get into a mid to low tier MD school or a DO school if you fix your mistakes from this cycle, but maybe you should just do something else if you’re not that passionate about it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Dude. No. I'm originally from Springfield, Ontario and finished 4th year of Underwater Basket Weaving at Springfield University. Rejected from medical school reason #1: Grades or MCAT scores are too low. I made an A list of the schools I would love to go to, and that I thought would be a perfect fit. ......AND APPLY DO.

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