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Learn how to structure a 1.5 hour class, as well as gaining insight into how to step into marketing yourself as a yoga teacher. Sadhana Yoga School Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. Join Odyssey to become a yoga teacher and start living your dream life! Practice Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin Yoga styles to give you a well-rounded and comprehensive yoga education, whilst delving into dimensions of other traditions. Karma Yoga is another important aspect of the course as it is in association with the local Jodie O’Shea Orphanage and activities are involved with the children. Self-realisation, love, and freedom are at the core of this unique journey, and students are invited to step into a transformative and immersive experience. Vinyasa yoga teacher training courses are some of the most common yoga trainings offered in Bali. As I sign for Yovada, I agree to the terms of use and the privacy notice. Desire to evolve and help others do the same by sharing how to open up to more love, confidence, courage, clarity, and happiness. Learn the foundational tradition of Ashtanga Vinyasa and explore in depth other modern yoga styles such as Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Rocket Yoga aimed at giving students a vast wealth of knowledge to bring to their classes. Weather in Bali is warm all year round. If you love Meghan, which l am sure you do because your interested in attending her training, them JUST GO FOR IT! Find a multitude of unique courses dotted across the island so you can discover a program to suit you. 15 Hour Intelligent Sequencing Yoga Teacher Training, Bali. In Ubud in Bali it can be cooler year round, especially in the evenings and mornings. Exhale Yoga Retreats Awakening Yoga Teacher Training. Bali has many Vinyasa Flow trainings to choose from and in different wonderful locations and schools. Peaceful Warriors Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. But then rain can mean an afternoon shower thats all. You can also find retreats with the same school that you may be considering for a training, giving you the opportunity to get to know the tribe, teachers and their philosophy first, before making the leap into an intensive course with them. We search the globe for the world’s best teachers, and bring them to the best yoga resorts in the world. It often feels like a fantasy with its hindu temples and smoking incense offerings in shrines & on sidewalks. All Yoga Training, Nusa Lembongan All Yoga Training have been running excellent and comprehensive Ashtanga Vinyasa 200 hour teacher training courses since 2009 in both Bali and magical Koh Phangan, Thailand. Their motto for trainees is to ‘practice, explore, learn, grow, connect, and smile’ so you can find your unique voice as a new teacher. Why Take a Yoga Teacher Training School of Sacred Arts Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training. Apply Now. Find freedom in your own body, mind, and spirit as you heal and transform with Forrest Yoga. Teaching yoga is an art form that can be continually refined. A 3-day Anatomy course and a 1-day Business course is also included. Peak Beings Travelling Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Georgia turned to yoga after years of battling recurring depression and anxiety during her teens and early twenties. Learn how to assist your students with modifications, the use of props, verbal cues, and caring hands-on adjustments. Here are our top picks for a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Delayed until August 2021. This Yoga Teacher Training is a month long intensive program which follows a unique and holistic curriculum and will also focus on the practical and day to day application of other ancient yogic practices like Kriyas, Pranayama, Philosophy, and Meditation. Location: Nusa Lembongan, Bali Price: $2950 USD Special Offer: Free accommodation for first 10 sign ups Dates 2020: August, September, October, November Dates 2021: January, February, March, April, June, July, August, September More info:, 2. When we think of yoga we often only think of the physical practice, poses, turning oneself into a pretzel! The BEST 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Energetic and physical anatomy will be taught along with alignment tips, modifications, and sequencing to help students emerge ready to teach at a professional level. She is currently based in Wiltshire, UK. Our Bali Yoga Teacher Training program in Ubud, will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in your yoga practice and give you a deep sense of the rich culture that Bali has to offer. Dubbed the spiritual and holistic heart of Bali, there are a variety of some of the best yoga teacher training retreats in Ubud in Bali on offer. Go on a fascinating journey during a Yin Yoga Teacher Training by spending your time with a passionate facilitator across two enchanting destinations in Bali. Zuna Yoga® Teacher Training Bali Indonesia Our students share with you the magic of doing yoga teacher training in Bali Students from around the globe come to Bali to share in a vibrant community that is supportive, curious, and soulful. Suitable for teachers and students . The training is based at the world-renowned yoga studio and retreat centre, The Yoga Barn. Aber YTTs finden mittlerweile über die ganze Insel verteilt statt. Have the unique experience of exploring not only the cultural hub of Ubud, but also at the blissful Kermas Beach, in a top-rated resort. Explore Shamanisim and yoga at its origin, and look into traditional yogic practices, including cleansing Kriya rituals, breathing techniques, as well as a multitude of different meditation tools. Finden und vergleichen Sie Yoga Teacher Trainings auf Bali, Indonesien. Aber YTTs finden mittlerweile über die ganze Insel verteilt statt. An international hotspot for yoga trainings and retreat centres, is the Indonesian island paradise of Bali. Becoming a yoga teacher with Meghan Currie, in Bali of all places, was the only way l wanted to do it. The durations of the intensive training retreats range from as little as 7 days or 2 weeks; or 30 days, up to 40 days for the 300 hour courses in Bali. We believe Shades of Yoga is not just a teacher training, but a spiritual journey into self-inquiry. By learning a strong foundation in Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga what you’ll be able to teach once you’ve graduated will range from a dynamic flow to a grounding and gentle class suitable for all. The traditional practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa is explored through the Sadhana Vinyasa Flow as well as with the Sadhana Hatha Flow coming from the Sivananda tradition. Enrich your training experience by soaking up all the magical island has to offer and get ready to align with your path by becoming a yoga teacher. It changed me immensely. Location: Canggu Price: $2500 USD Website:, 3. The “yoga bubble” we create together during the immersion-style retreat is unique and truly life-changing. Designed to help you discover your own individual voice as a teacher, you’ll learn how to awaken the power within so that you can lead inspiring and informative yoga classes. Aspects covered on the course include, dynamic yoga practices, working with injuries, learning the principles of class sequencing for advanced poses, pranayama, chanting, and addressing needs of your future students. 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali, Indonesia. The curriculum covered during the training will delve into key yoga postures, in-depth Anatomy and Physiology, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Meditation practices, Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Art of Sequencing, the origins of Yoga, and more. Take your time to read up about all the different courses that interest you. We graduate The World’s Greatest Yoga Teachers for Worlds Best-Value-For-Money-Price. Throughout each cycle, you will use one of the four elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air as your guide and as the foundation for the lessons, insights, ceremony and healing. Without sounding cliché, this journey was life changing. 1. Reconnect by finding your true self, deepen your relationships with others, and look at the world around you with brand new eyes. One of the most affordable and in-depth yoga teacher trainings on Bali island. Train with real masters. In Indonesia, Bali is a land of magic, land of gods, land of spiritual expansion and transformation, is the perfect place to delve into your yoga teacher training. Delve into the art of sequencing and assisting and how to enter into the yoga marketplace. And what a place to live this experience. Location: Balian Beach Price: $5016 USD Website: Three years later, she is a now a freelance writer and a yoga teacher, with a deep-rooted passion for helping others tap into their own source of self-love, self-acceptance, and empowerment. Each day consists of physical practice sessions and lectures covering important topics such as understandable functional anatomy, the origins of yoga, yoga philosophy, subtle energies, chakras, meditation, pranayama techniques, and much more. Gain personal and professional growth as you explore going within to find your true self as you start the exciting journey of becoming a yoga teacher. Practice authentic yoga with many of the world renowned and certified yoga schools to be found here. The island and its land complement this strong sense of spirit with place. Yoga teacher training in bali. Location: Ubud Price: $3200 USD Website:, 6. After finding the courage to go to a class, she hasn’t looked back and found that yoga gave her the strength to deal with life and all its challenges like never before. All Yoga Teacher Training has been established since 2009, having trained more than 2000 graduates worldwide, through a comprehensive and an authentic yoga educational program. +91 9927530256 Bali 80561, Indonesia. Privacy Policy. Shades of Yoga is an International Yoga Teacher Training school in Bali that takes you on a personal journey, connecting the mind, body and spirit. In the Balinese community, there is a deep understanding of connection with spirit. Amongst all the courses available in Bali there is sure to be one that matches the style, philosophy and content that you enjoy. Ubud, Bali. Discover timeless wisdom, and yogic philosophy bringing together Eastern and Western knowledge seamlessly, to help you deepen your own understanding of yoga. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Discover how to safely teach, offer hand-on adjustments, tailor suitable modifications to students, and learn how to create inspiring classes for all. Watch the video. Their shala is located just minutes away from the beach so you’ll even have the opportunity to learn how to surf in between study breaks. We also review the venue, location, accommodation and food so the most important parts of the program can be discovered here to make sure you are confident about what to expect. Yin Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa flow..choose the style that you are most comfortable with and the course that suits you most. 200 HR.YOGA TEACHER TRAINING IN BALI Experience A Spiritual & Holistic Approach to Yoga That Will Forever Change Your Life The Blooming Lotus Yoga 200 YTT courses are an extraordinary synthesis of the essence of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta that will empower you to practice and teach yoga with complete confidence and remarkable skill. Venue: Radiantly Alive. Most rain falls between December and February. Inner Yoga Vinyasa Yin Teacher Training. 75 yoga postures are covered in the Asana section of the course, allowing students to practice and teach the safest and most effective modifications and variations. As a program recognised by the Yoga Alliance, you’ll be able to expand on your knowledge of yoga poses, anatomy, alignment, philosophy, meditation, and you’ll be able to enrich your own self-development through other yogic techniques. This training immerses students in a yogic lifestyle with daily group meditations, physical practices, and in-depth philosophical discussions allowing a deep exploration of body, mind, and spirit. The method concentrates on a creative fusion of many different yoga practices that are accessible to all levels and abilities. The 300-hour training program is designed in such a way that it lets you understand the details and gives you the tools to being a profound Yoga teacher. Most comprehensive yoga teacher training in Bali,Thailand and Portugal . Style: Vinyasa Yoga – Yoga Alliance US Certified. The world of Yoga teacher Training in Bali Indonesia, has become the most popular and exciting adventure for many. And then next up would be Canggu, a village which has become a hub for registered yoga schools, it's on a great surfing beach and surrounded by beautiful rice paddy fields. Each day consists of two physical yoga practices, inspiring lectures, helpful workshops, and regular teaching sessions. There are a range 200, 250, 300 hour (and sometimes courses with more the 300 hours) available, all with different yoga schools offering their specific method of teaching their style of vinyasa. Join our multi-style 200 hour yoga teacher training in bali and get certified in 24 days. Radiantly Alive, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. As a comprehensive and a progressive course, you’ll expand on your yoga knowledge whilst creating a strong foundation to become a confident yoga teacher. All Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. It’s the western way of thinking, and we forget about the connection to the mind and soul. Enjoy other unique experiences such as SUP yoga, a Balinese Ceremony, or a sunset sailing meditation. Either on the beach or in the rainforest deep in the heart of the island. Book now. Voted Best Overall Teacher Training 2019 by FindYoga. Reputable yoga schools put love and attention into the experience for their students. Apart from that, you will get the best accommodation and food service here. Special Discount and Free accommodation available. The connection to spirit is everywhere you look and feel. Georgia has also continued to study yoga in Mysore, India. Discover the best yoga retreats in Ubud or Canggu and choose between 100, 200, 300, or 500-hour yoga teacher training courses. Practice, study and learn in an eco-friendly bamboo yoga shala right on the beach in the pristine oasis of Sanur, Bali. Picture abundant jungles, rolling turquoise waves, staggered rice-paddies, and a culture steeped in spirituality. It may be that you are not quite ready to devote the time, energy and embark on the journey involved. Challenge yourself to go deeper into your own practice as you discover who you truly are and make your teaching dreams a reality. work at your own pace. As a hub for many international teachers the course draws upon guest teachers at the centre to come and share their experience and knowledge. Teachers: Stephanie Viu-Kessler and Yogi Trupta. On your days off, go on an adventure by taking a kayak tour through the peaceful mangroves or unwind on the soft sands after surfing, snorkelling or diving. Forrest Yoga Foundational Yoga Teacher Training. In this course, we have included many yoga styles like Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, traditional Hatha yoga, yin yoga, aerial swing yoga, acro yoga, meditation and many more things. Reflective of their beliefs, the community is gentle and kind. With one day off each week, you can choose to adventure into stunning Ubud, take a dip in the infinity pool, or restore at the spa at the on-site Azadi Retreat Centre. In Indonesia, Bali is a land of magic, land of gods, land of spiritual expansion and transformation, is the perfect place to delve into your yoga teacher training. Join Inner Yoga for a fusion training course, compiled of studying and learning two different styles of yoga that celebrate the Yin and Yang aspects that we have within us. 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Registered All-Inclusive Teacher Trainings. LET’S MOVE TOGETHER. Imagine completing your yoga teacher training course in a yoga shala perched on a jungle hillside or beside a paradise beach. As well as meeting Yoga Alliance standards for anatomy, alignment, theory and pedagogy, this yoga training holds a strong intention for personal transformation. At the heart of this training is understanding the bio-mechanics of yoga postures as well as how to create skillful, effective, and safe sequences. Mystical Yoga; the yoga of spiritual practice. Their stunning shala lets the sun’s rays filter through jungle flora on the tropical island of Nusa Lembongan; situated south-east of Bali. YogaFX International Yoga Teaching Academy is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, which designates our YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training Program as one which follows Yoga Alliance’s standards. Location: Ubud Price: $3650 USD Website:, 7. The rainier season is between October to April. So what are the yoga certification programs (YTT) in Bali? With a choice of over 72+ YTT courses, easily compare prices, organizers, instructors, reviews, food, and photos. If you are feeling more adventurous connect to the island’s culture with day trips out to discover local temples, arts, and monuments.

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