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Apex Ski Boots have been around for almost over a decade and Apex is a well-known ski boots manufacturer. One design that’s fairly new to the scene is the Apex HP-L All-Mountain Ski Boot. The Apex Boots are made by upstart Apex Sports Group in Boulder, Colo. A ski boot technician can modify the boot shell. The exoskeleton is completely removable, and it's meant to be shed when you want to walk around without feeling the familiar heel, toe clunk of the ski boot walk. 2019 Apex HP-L Women's Ski BootsThe 2019 Apex HP-L Women's skis boots presents a new chapter in the sport of alpine skiing. 8.3K likes. Finding the right fit goes a long way. It's not a great boot for any ability level. Since our test period, Apex updated the HP-L boot and renamed it the Blanca. The HP-L provides all day comfort AND performance for ripping off-piste or easy cruising with the family. When measuring these figures, it is important to measure at the fullest part of the forefoot. Boots with a rating of 60 to 80, are typically soft-flex ski boots. These boots feature a waterproof outer coating and are lighter and less bulky than other boot variations. Some suggest purchasing one or two sizes larger than their average fit. Inner boots that separate completely from the chassis allow for easy walkability. Understand that some boots might require little extra time to achieve the most comfortable fit possible. This boot features micro and macro adjustment buckles. The boot features a walkable inner liner. Using the same architecture as the SP, the HP also has the benefits of being short, lighter and more responsive. This range is ideal for skiers at every level. Unfortunately, this boot performed better in the day lodge than on the slopes. It allows skiers to use one of three elastometers which come with their boot. All ski boots in the U.S., E.U., and the U.K. utilize the Mondo-Point systemfor sizing. This product also features 18 adjustment points and closures. Compare and other characteristics. You can pick up a boot with an integrated heating system like the Rossignol Pure Pro Heat. Cool Features For many, the walkable inner boot is the Apex concept's best feature. A quality ski boot is only half the battle when choosing new skiing equipment. It gives skiers full range and control of where to tighten or loosen, and how much. Flex refers to how stiff or forgiving a pair of ski boots is. The men's Apex Ski Boots Crestone ski boots are designed for all-mountain performance that lets you tackle any type of terrain in comfort. They offer a little more variety and control on ski slopes. With heat-moldable liners, these Apex ski boots fit perfectly right out of the box. For the advanced skier, the Apex XP Ski Boots are an excellent choice. Apex Ski Boots: Enhance Performance Of Beginner And Advanced Skiers. These are some of the best models available for skiers of every level. The only complaint is that the ski boot is somewhat expensive in comparison with other products. The price is high for these ski boots. These boots also have the dual-density ergonomic insole, which helps minimize the impact on landing. It offers performance, comfort and warmth in a sleek looking boot, If you want to ski the whole mountain but prioritize finesse over speed, this is the boot for you, This great all-around ski that is a race-inspired option for intermediate to advanced skiers, The Mach1 is accurately named, it loves flying down the hill as fast as you are comfortable driving them, Women's C.A.S. They have been the frontrunners of quality skis for decades. If you suffer chronically cold feet, consider a heated boot in the same price range. Even skiers with no experience at all will find the boot comfortable from the onset. The boots are for intermediate skiers. Some of our testers work in ski shops and were intrigued by the buzz surrounding this new concept. These are roughly equivalent to shoe sizes 5 to 13. Even before we heat molded the liner, the soft inner boot feels like a custom fit after using the BOA technology. My boots are performance oriented; stiff and have a precise and technical fit. Although the manufacturer claims they conform to the feet, skiers indicate that some break-in time is necessary. The appropriate flex and width of Apex ski boots are of high importance for skiers as well. If skiers don't select the right size, to ensure high comfort levels, they're going to suffer. The ratings for this ski boot are excellent. With a heat-moldable interior liner, the boots also instantly conform to the wearer's feet. The sizes of men’s ski boots differ from those of other boots and shoes. If you're a beginner, you might think all you need are skis, poles, and maybe a nice warm jacket, but getting ready to ski takes a little more shopping than that. The innerboot’s dual, coiler Boa reel closure system is quite effective. Alpine Skiing > Alpine Ski Boots > Apex HP-L Ski Boots 2019 Apex sizing is slightly different than traditional ski boots - click here for our Apex-specific sizing guide. It's able to do that because it uses an innovative Open-Chassis™ design, giving you hard-boot response and strength while … When you consider its poor performance, it also offers poor value. Additionally, skiers complain that the frames are heavy. Telemark boots are for fast downhill skiing, and great for directional turning/pivoting on the slopes. Prices vary greatly depending on the series, and whether boots are for beginner or advanced skiers. The boots utilize a BOA lacing system for comforting the foot and locking the foot into the boot without causing any discomfort. Apex is a leader in the skiing industry. Compare the two versions below; the Blanca is pictured first, followed up by the HP-L version we tested. Even our most expert tester and former racers could not make a carved turn wearing this boot. Reviewers note the boots require modification. It is also an excellent boot for advanced skiers who plan on using it for downhill skiing. Because of this, skiers should try on several boots to find the proper fit for their feet. Apex Ski Boots. External frame & Open Chassis system: The Open-Chassis external ski boot frame is a unique design that offers customizable flex, along with superior stability and precise edge control for intermediate to advanced skiiers. Popularity rank: 189 / 291 . We had the expert skier mechanism installed into the proprietary Apex Flex Arm, which is meant to act as the stiffening leverage arm that runs up the back of the boot. Apex designs and builds the most comfortable, warm and walkable ski boots in the world that perform for skiers of all skill levels. This system is a guideline which ensures no matter what boot/brand skiers buy every boot has the same sizing. The width of the shoe is also important. The Apex Men's HP All Mountain Ski Boots are walkable boots that allow you to go from hard charging to easy strolling in a jiffy. A boot with 100mm to 102mm is for skiers with broader feet. The concept is brilliant, and the exoskeleton is easy to take off, but then the question begs, "what do you do with it"? The HPL has a no joke price tag. All-mountain ski boots are exactly that: Boots that work all over the mountain. Separable from the Open Chassis, the Walkable Boot provides a full-traction outsole for getting to and from the mountain in comfort and safety and 360-degree support without pressure points. Various adjustment levers and buckles also give skiers full control of tightness settings with their new boots. Whether it's the thrill of the race, improving fitness levels, or enjoying the cold weather, it's an excellent winter activity. This liner allows skiers to wear them indoors as well. GearLab is reader-supported. One primary distinction is the bellows at the front of the boot. UltraFit with Lambswool and Celliant. The Best All-Mountain Adventure Ski Boots of 2020 for Men. If you're preparing for the upcoming ski season, you want to begin purchasing ski equipment as early as possible. These boots feature a duo boa closure system and 18 distinct closure points. Customers can also find the boots on Amazon, REI, and also sites like Skis.com. We consider the ski boot variations available. Men’s ski boots use the measurement of the inner sole in centimeters as the size, called the Mondo Point scale). So, there's no need to change to walking shoes when stepping indoors for a short period. Apex is proud to offer the game-changing XP architecture in the new HP-L ski boot. All-Mountain Performance, All Day Comfort Apex is proud to offer the game-changing XP architecture in the new HP-L ski boot. It also limits mobility when wearing the walking boot causing discomfort. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. External frame & Open Chassis system: The Open-Chassis external ski boot frame is a unique design that offers customizable flex, along with superior stability and precise edge control for advanced to expert skiiers. These boots are for carving and the most advanced skiers. The Apex HP-L is innovative if nothing else, it looks like a snowboard boot with a ski boot exoskeleton. Apex is a trusted ski boots brand which offers really great options in different budget segments. Popularity Score . Utilizing an Open-Chassis™ design, the Apex ski boots brand focuses on comfort, durability, and warmth. Apex is the first ski boot designed to optimize the performance advantages of today's modern-shaped skis and evolving skiing technique. Our Process for Reviewing the Best Apex Ski Boots, Where to Buy and the Average Price of Apex Ski Boots, Best Apex Ski Boots for Advanced and Beginner Skiers, Apex HP All-Mountain Ski Boots (Men's Size 27), Apex XP-L Big Mountain Ski Boots (Women's Size 24), Apex Ski boots ML-2 High Performance Ladies 2014 (Mondo 26.0), Kastle Skis: Solid Performing Skis And Accessories, What Snow Ski Do You Need? Men's Downhill Ski Boots - Apex HP All Mountain: . When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Low on performance, huge footprint, expensive. For skiers who like various methods for adjusting their ski boots, the HP 28 offers just that. Whether it's the thrill of the race, improving fitness levels, or enjoying the cold weather, it's an excellent winter activity. The BOA system allows you to adjust the entire boot to your foot and shin using two dials, ensuring an equally snug fit everywhere. Innovation doesn't always translate to function. The 85-flex rating and 105mm width are perfect for beginners with broader feet. The HP-L comes with beginner (green), intermediate (blue), and expert (black) inserts to adjust the Apex stiffening arm on the spine of the boot. Pricing is another area which skiers complain about these boots when comparing them to similar models by competing manufacturers. This tread pattern is perfect when using the boots in walk mode. Dual-density ergonomic insoles help improve absorption. Since a snowboard boot is significantly more comfortable than traditional ski boots, we expected huge gains in comfort. We had this boot heat molded by an Apex trained technician, and the fit was significantly better after having the liner baked and formed to the foot. I am a strong, expert recreational skier and normally ski in Lange RS 130 boots. Doing this helps with shock absorption. One of the most important things to remember when buying your ski equipment is that skiing is a sport. You can easily step out of the chassis for lunch or après ski and enjoy the comfort and walkability that no other ski boot … For this reason, it is vital that skiers take the time to compare several boots to find the right fit. The boot features a turntable A-flex adjustment system. Let us know! This boot is often advertised in the intermediate category, but the Apex website claims that this boot is appropriate for all abilities, presumably, because each boot comes with an insert for beginners, intermediate, or expert skiers. ... We don't yet have enough review information for Apex HP All Mountain . Apex changed this boot up a bit and gave it the new moniker of Blanca. So Nordica Speedmachine 100 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Apex HP All Mountain, as seen on the chart below. We're now linking to the more readily available Blanca, but since we haven't actually tested that exact model, the review text below refers only to the boot we tested, the HP-L. It’s a lightweight, warm and comfy shoe that’s suited for après-ski activities and easy travel from car to lift and beyond. Some are narrow, while other boots have additional lining throughout. One review indicates that the boot was impossible to put on and was extremely uncomfortable. They are excellent for more extended trail skiing or skiing on smooth trails for long distances. Adjustability and the choice of three elastometers also afford skiers optimal levels of control. Check out the best high-performance alpine ski boots for men. Tyler Shepherd. The boot also features a walkable-switch. They keep the toe and heel in place. The Apex Men's HP Crestone Ski Boots are designed for all-mountain performance that will let you tackle any terrain in extreme comfort. It's … But we did not find the HP-L to be any more or less comfortable than a traditional alpine boot. The last width is 103mm, making the boots perfect for skiers with wide feet. Experience a truly comfortable ski boot: The Apex XP-L Ladies Big Mountain Ski Boot provides the comfort and warmth of a walkable snowboard boot that you can ski in all day long with superior 360-degree support for advanced to expert skiers. See the best men’s all-mountain boots of the season. Some boots are stiffer than others, specifically high flex boots for advanced skiers. Now that the skier knows their size in Apex ski boots, it's important to try the boots on to ensure a comfortable fit. The changes appear to be subtle. A heat moldable inner liner conforms to the skier's feet, providing high levels of comfort out of the box. Need to find a boot that strikes the perfect balance of... integrated heating system like the Rossignol Pure Pro Heat, the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews, All mountain performance, adjustable flex, integrated heating, Adjustable flex, comfortable, very responsive, Lacks user guide for tech, charging cable is short, Overrated flex, not sturdy enough for +150L skiers, Wimpy power strap, too stiff in some conditions, Apex thinks outside the box for this design, we only wished it performed better, This boot sacrifices nothing.

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